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Mufassireen (commentators of the Holy Quran) say some animals will enter Paradise:


1. The Buraaq (an animal with wings, that is bigger than a donkey and smaller than a mule) which the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam rode on Meraj.

2. The she-camel of Prophet Saalih alaihis salaam.

3. The donkey of Prophet Uzayr alaihis salaam whom Allah caused to die for one hundred years and then revived.

4. The calf which Ebrahim alaihis salaam slaughtered for his angel guests.

5.The ram which Allah sent in place of Prophet Ismail alaihis salaam being slaughtered.

6. The hoopoe bird that brought news for Prophet Sulaymaan alaihis salaam about the Queen of Sheba.

7. The ant who’s words are related in Quran.

8. The dog of the people of the Cave.

9. The fish that swallowed Prophet Yunus alaihis salaam.

10. The cow of the Israelites that pointed to the killer when the slain man was hit with some of its parts.


Allamah Aaloosi rahimahullah mentions that all good animals in this world, like antelopes, peacocks and the animals from which a believer benefits, like sheep and goats, will enter Paradise in a suitable shape.

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