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Churchill Note
The 'Winston Churchill note' enters circulation in the UK as currency.

Honouring a man who starved 4 million Muslims and Hindus in Bengal to death - while he claimed they were citizens of the Empire, so technically under his care!
He then sold the grain that was taken from them (hence they starved) to defeated European Nations at a profit. His remorse was captured in this statement: "It was their fault for breeding like rabbits".

When a concerned Navy Admiral in India used some of the ships to ship grain to the starving from elsewhere, his administration had those ships taken away, stating words to the effect of: "If he has ships to send feeding the poor, they are clearly surplus to requirements!"

There was no leniency either. The British army would publicly cut the breasts off women whose families could no longer afford to pay the taxes as they were starving to death.

Many Muslims sold their daughters to prostitution houses as the only way of not seeing them die by starvation.

And they say our faith and cultures produce terrorists with an extremism problem. Maybe they need to look closer at their own elites and heroes.


For those who want to read about his crimes in India, read a devastating account called "Churchill's secret War":
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