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Training Teens to be Confident PDF Print E-mail

With so much pressure to do the wrong things, unless Muslim parents train teens to have strong personalities and be confident in their belief system, they may well lose them in the whirlwind of western culture.

A teen that is confident in his way of doing things will not be shaken if his peers do not agree with the way he talks or dresses. When asked to take a drug or cigarette he or she can say NO confidently.



1. Knowing and believing in Allah is a great source of confidence and support for a teen. He believes Allah’s word is the truth, thus this world is short compared to the hereafter. The reward of Paradise is before his eyes, giving him strength to decline temptation. This can be cultivated by taking the child to regular Islamic talks/activities and by reading Islamic literature to him or her from an early age.


2. The teen should feel his parents love him and understand the pressure he is facing. They should make him feel wanted and that he can relate to them by e.g. sharing light-hearted moments.


3. Teach the teen how to make decisions by starting with small things like choosing clothes from the age of three, what to do in free time at the age of six and involving them in consultations on family matters by 10. This will help the teen make the right choice instead of blindly following his peers because he has training in making decisions and it’s not the first time.


Dr Ekram and Mohamed R Beshir

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