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The Internet Snare PDF Print E-mail

First: When a Muslim hears the call to prayer, he should rise up to the remembrance of Allah and not let anything stop him.

Second: The Internet is a double-edged weapon. When it provides benefit, it becomes a gift. And when it provides evil, it becomes a disgrace. A Muslim should use the good side to serve his religion and life.


Third: Protect the eyes from prohibited pictures which are Satan's arrows, his weapons he uses to spoil a Muslim’s heart with immediate pleasure, followed by long lasting remorse. Watching such scenes causes darkness in the heart and reluctance to perform acts of worship. It deprives the soul of enjoying the sweetness of faith. The moment one falls in this trap, Satan takes complete control of his heart. The end is always a fatal loss.


Fourth: Don't let the internet consume your effort and time for no value. That happens when you navigate between sites and online groups for hours. You waste your precious time that you should devote to your family or for earning for you and your dependants.


Fifth: Visit authentic Islamic sites frequently. Visit sites that widen your knowledge. Stay away from groups that spread controversy, even if this is over religious issues.


Sixth: Beware of chat sites. They are traps for males and females to drag them into prohibited relationships, which often start by an innocent introduction and end up in pain, causing damage to life and faith.  


Sheikh Hamed Ibn Abdullah El Aly

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