Friday, May 26, 2017
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Hadith Software
Hadith Software
This month we tried a fantastic Hadith application for PC’s.

You need to download the free Hadith Software application developed by Islamasoft. Once the application is installed you need to install the plug-ins for the various Hadith books. These include the English translations of Bukhari, Muslim, Muatta, Abu Dawood, Shamaail Tirmidhi and others.


It works on all Windows operating systems from 98 onwards.

You need a 200 mhz processor, 64 MB RAM, 32 MB free disk space and a 16 bit graphics card which basically means it should work on most PC’s. The application is small in size and doesn’t take long to download.



An index with the chapters

Facility to print the Hadith

Ability to export the Hadith to a text editor which means it can be used in publications

A fast search facility

Bookmarks to save the places you want

Ability to easily email any Hadith you want from your email client

A help section

Easy selection of the database you want to use

Capability to add on more plug-ins (books) if and when they become available.


This is a really handy tool to have on your PC. Get your free download from our Software section.


Disclaimer: We have not checked the complete authenticity of the translations. Consult with local Ulama.

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