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Car Factory
Car Factory
A man once visited a car factory.

He saw the production line and asked the manager, ‘Why are you putting lights on the car when the factory already has lights? And why are you putting wipers when no rain comes into the factory?’ The manager looked in amazement at this fool and replied, ‘The lights and wipers are to prepare the car for the outside world. The car is not going to stay very long in the factory.’


Likewise, the child in the mother’s womb is not in need of a mouth to eat, nor ears, etc. But these develop to prepare the child for the time when it will be born into the world and need the use of these organs.


We are in the factory of the world, where we are not going to stay for long. We need to prepare for the real life after death by equipping ourselves with the obedience of Allah and abstinence from sin.

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