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Inheritance Calculator
Inheritance Calculator
Most people have thought about death and who would inherit from them and in what amounts.

The shares of heirs has been ordained by Allah Ta’ala in the Qur’aan. We’ve found a simple-to-use program for the computer that calculates the shares of heirs in percentages.


It’s called the Mirath Program and was designed by Bits and Bytes of Sri Lanka. There are some flaws in certain case studies we’ve tried, but overall it’s a handy guide. Consult with local Ulama to get a certified inheritance certificate in the case of death, detailing precise amounts of shares.


Using a simple questionnaire type input, the program takes you through the stages, requiring your input on things like:

Whether the deceased is a male or female;

Is the deceased’s father alive;

Is the mother alive;

How many wives the husband has;

Number of sons and daughters, etc.


After gathering the information, the program calculates the shares in a table form, giving the percentages of each heir.


A handy little program to give a glimpse into how Islamic inheritance works and how much one’s heirs will inherit in any given situation. Get your download from our Downloads section. You can also find a ready-to-use Islamic Will under the Islamic Documents folder. 


Disclaimer: Use this program as a guide only.

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