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Halaal Food Review
Taking a fresh look at the Halaal eating out scene in Port Elizabeth
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Asr 04:45 PM
Maghrib 06:40 PM
Isha 08:10 PM
  • 21 October 2016

    Port Elizabeth:
    Al Bayaan: | Awatif:
    Moulana M Sharif Kapery | Azhar: Sheikh Mehmet Kaya | Baywest: Hafiz Muhammad Osman | Bloemendaal: Moulana Farook Milanzi | Booysens Park: Sheikh Abdullatief Lagardien | Central: | Cottrell St: | Darul Uloom: Moulana Nazir Desai | Fuqara: Moulana Salmaan Moosagie |  Grace St: Imam Ibrahim Tiry | Huda: Sheikh Shakir Adam in Somali | Humphries St: Moulana M Sadek Desai | Korsten JK: Sheikh Ramadan Shaban | Kuyga: | Mansoor: Moulana Zubair Afriki of JHB | Motherwell: Imam Musa Milanzi | NMMU: | New Brighton: Sheikh Nceba Salamntu | Overbaakens: Moulana Rieyaad Abrahams | Pier St: Sheikh Ashraff Adam | Rudolph St: Moulana Ismail Mia of JHB | Ruvan Centre: Sheikh Uwais Umar | Saabireen: Sheikh Iman Nakhomo | Salt Lake: Moulana M Ali Desai | Taqwa: Sheikh Shamiel Panday | West End: Moulana Muhsin Mbotoli


    Imam Liaquat Ali Tiry | Ibaadur Rahmaan: Moulana Abdurrahmaan Nackerdien | Mumineen: Moulana Nadeem Khan - Combined Juma with Qudama | Qudama: Combined Juma with Mumineen


    [All venues subject to change without notice]

  • Oct

    21: Sheikh Zubair Afriqi. Juma Masjid Mansoor


    Qiraat Program. Including Qari Abdul Aziz Brown and others. SA Quran Union:

    21: Masjid Ibaadur Rahmaan, Uitenhage after Maghrib

    22: Masjid Mansoor after Maghrib 


    22: Fathers and Sons Graveyard Tour. Practical demonstration on burial, graveyard rules, etc. 2.30-3.30pm. Malabar cemetry



    26: Madressa Mansoor Jalsa. 3-5 pm. Ladies at Madressa, men at the Masjid



Hazrat Ruqayya radhiallahu anha PDF Print E-mail
House of Khadijah RA
House of Khadijah RA
Royal Family Part 2
The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said that children should be taught love for his family, the Ahle Bayt. This series will focus, in brief, on their lives.

The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) had 3 sons and 4 daughters, all from his first wife Khadijah (Radhiallahu anha) except a son Ibrahim.

She was born three years after her elder sister Zainab (radhiallahu anha) in the 8th year of the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam)’s marriage to Khadijah (radhiallahu anha), when he was 32 years old.

She was initially married to Utbah, the son of Abu Lahab, the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam)’s uncle but had not yet started living with him when Surah Lahab was revealed. Abu Lahab made his son divorce her. Utbah later accepted Islam after the Conquest of Makkah. Uthmaan (radhiallahu anhu) married Ruqayya (radhiallahu anha) after she was divorced. The couple emigrated to Abyssinia (Ethiopia) twice.


At the time of Badr, Ruqayya (radhiallahu anha) was ill. Uthmaan (radhiallahu anhu) was asked by the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) to stay and look after her. She passed away while the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) was away and he was not there for her funeral. She passed away in 2 AH at the age of 23.

A son named Abdullah was born to her in Abyssinia and he survived her but passed away in 4 AH when he was six years old.


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