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A man went to the barbershop for a haircut. He had a conversation with the barber which came to the point of whether there was a God.

The barber said that there couldn’t be a God as there was so much suffering in the world. He said that had there been a God, He wouldn’t have allowed suffering.


The man didn’t answer and left the shop. Outside he saw a man in the street with long, unkempt hair. The man returned to the barbershop and said, "You know what? Barbers don’t exist."

The barber was astounded and said that it was untrue as he was a barber and had just cut the man’s hair. The man said that barbers didn’t exist because if they had, there wouldn’t be people like the man on the street, with dirty, long hair.

The barber said that this was the case because people didn’t come to them, not because there were no barbers.

There is corruption in the world because of people’s actions and not turning to Allah. Likewise, there is suffering so that people are tested and can turn to Him. The existence of suffering does not mean that there is no God. ­

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