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Dealing with Internet Addiction PDF Print E-mail

Internet addiction is a serious psychological problem. Facebook, Mxit and other social networking sites are a major part of that addiction.

They are a seemingly indispensable part of our lives. But if you’re doing more living online than off, it is time to reassess.


Are personal, real relationships taking a backseat to Facebook/Mxit? Do you think about Facebook even when you’re offline? Do you use Facebook to escape problems or homework? Do you stay on Facebook longer than intended? Have you ever concealed Facebook use? If yes, you are a borderline addict. If you’re using Facebook to connect with members of the opposite sex, you’ve played into the Devil’s hands.


List your Facebook goals. Why did you originally sign up? Is your goal to enrich your knowledge or life? If it’s just to connect with friends, do the comments have a tangible purpose? If not, then reflect on this hadith:


Allah hates vain, useless talk or that you talk too much about others and to ask too many questions in disputed religious matters. (Bukhari, 41:591)


Make an internet schedule. Limit time to maintaining your real goals. Only check Facebook once a day.


These are ways to unhook yourself without having to completely remove Facebook from your life if it is doing some good. If it is tempting you into unlawful Islamic activity, you need to remove it completely. The Qur’aan teaches us to avoid things that lead to sin.

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