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Quraan for PC
Quraan for PC
We tried out a Quraan application for the computer. This one, the Noble Qur’an version 3.0, comes from Islamasoft and is available as a free download (get it from our Downloads section).

The application offers the Quraan in Arabic with an English translation by Marmaduke Pikthall. There’s also a helpful English transliteration. We found the English to be of the classical type: excellent but a bit hard to understand in places for those of us used to present-day English.



Internet Explorer 4 or later

200 MHz processor

Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000 or XP


16 MB free disk space



This means that basically any PC can run the program and no fancy hardware is needed.



Fully-searchable by Surah categories or single word search.

Go to feature allowing one to get a particular chapter or verse.

Information on each Surah.

Option to add bookmarks.

Print option allows verses to be printed out.

Changeable themes.


All in all this is a useful, easy to use tool to have on any PC. We haven’t had the opportunity to check the entire translation and it’s always a good idea to verify translations with reputable Ulama.

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