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Milk Urn
Milk Urn
Two frogs decided to go to the dairy to get some milk to drink. They hopped their way in and looked for the milk urns.

As they leant over to get a drink of milk, they slipped into the urn. They began thrashing about, trying to save themselves from drowning in the milk. They couldn’t leap out of the urn as the milk was too low.


Eventually, one of the frogs said to the other: ‘I can’t manage. What’s the point? We’re going to drown anyway.’ So saying, he stopped kicking and sank to the bottom and drowned. The other frog continued his frantic movements.


Unexpectedly, the milk started to slowly churn and began turning to cream and then to butter with the frog’s kicking. After a while, the frog was able to get a better grip on the butter and leapt out of the urn to safety.


Lesson: Never adopt a defeatist attitude. No matter how difficult things might seem, there is wisdom in why it’s happening to us and we are definitely equipped to meet the challenges.

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