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Quraan Translation
Quraan Translation
The Quraan has been preserved in Arabic and is read by all Muslims in that language. It is also studied by Muslim scholars in Arabic.

There have been translations of the Qur’aan and none can convey the original beauty. Here is a brief history of translation:


First translation of a part of the Qur’aan is attributed to Hazrat Salman radhiallahu anhu of Surah Fatiha into Persian.

The first translation was into Persian in the 1100’s called Qur'an Quds. There are more than 60 Persian translations now.

1143 Latin. 1547 Italian.

1616 German, from Italian.

1647 French, from Arabic.

1649 English, from French.

1658 Dutch.

1734 English from Arabic by George Sale. One of the copies was owned by Thomas Jefferson, on which Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to US Congress, was sworn.

1886 Bengali by Girish Chandra Sen.

1858 Polish.

1902 Urdu by Maulana Aashiq Ilahi Meeruti. There are now about 20 Urdu translations.

1936 Bosnian.


There are also translations in Hungarian, Hindi, Swedish, Estonian, Acehnese, Afrikaans, Andalusian, Balochi, Bangla, Bulgarian, Chinese, Pashto, Mande, Malayalam, Macedonian, Kannada, Japanese, Hebrew, Esperanto, Danish, Sindhi, Spanish, Swahili, Tatar, Turkish (over 50), Zulu and Xhosa.


Many online Qur’aan sites offer the translations, some with over 100 translations.

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