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A youngster found a nest of worms. He picked one up and felt a sting as he hooked it on his rod. With these worms he began pulling in bigger fish than the other boys.

A man walking past asked him the secret of his success and the boy showed him his worms. As he did so, the boy became dizzy and fell unconscious. His hand was swollen and he died in hospital.


On investigation, the nest of ‘worms’ was actually found to be a nest of baby rattlesnakes and the boy had been bitten by one and died as a result.


This is the example of a Muslim using something Haraam (prohibited) to gain some benefit. For a while he might see success, but ultimately it will lead to his ruin and failure. The rattlesnakes brought the boy big fish but killed him off in the end.


Implementing the law of Islam in every aspect of life is the only way for a Muslim to see genuine success and contentment.

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