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Free Janaza/Muslim Burial notices for Port Elizabeth
Muslim Burial Society
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Halaal Food Review

Halaal Food Review
Taking a fresh look at the Halaal eating out scene in Port Elizabeth
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Power of Ramadan

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Talk by Moulana Muhammad Badsha

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PE Salaah Times

Fajr 05:02 AM
Sunrise 006:27 AM
Dhuhur 12:23 PM
Asr 04:35 PM
Maghrib 06:18 PM
Isha 07:48 PM
  • 31 March 2017

    Port Elizabeth:
    Al Bayaan:
    | Awatif: Sheikh Ramadan Shaban | Azhar: Sheikh Mehmet Kaya | Baywest: Hafiz Muhammad Osman | Bloemendaal: Moulana Meraj Mdahoma | Booysens Park: Sheikh Aadiel | Central: Sheikh Abdullatief Lagerdien | Cottrell St: | Darul Uloom: Mufti Siraj Desai | Fuqara: Moulana Nazeem Moosagie | Grace St: Imam Abdul Haseeb Jappie | Huda: Sheikh Muhammad Ariefdien | Humphries St: Moulana Irfan Makda | Korsten JK: Moulana Maseehullah Desai | Kuyga: | Mansoor: Moulana Rieyaad Abrahams | Motherwell: Sheikh Adam Amanzi | NMMU: Moulana Shoayb Laher  | New Brighton: | Overbaakens: Moulana Muhammad Badsha | Pier St: Moulana Riyaad Jappie | Rudolph St: Sheikh Iman Nakhomo | Ruvan Centre: Moulana M Ali Desai | Saabireen: Sheikh Majdie Jardien | Salt Lake: Muhsin Mbotoli | Taqwa: Sheikh Shamiel Panday | West End: Moulana M Sadiq Desai


    Imam Liaquat Ali Tiry | Ibaadur Rahmaan: Moulana Abdurrahmaan Nackerdien | Mumineen: Combined Juma with Qudama | Qudama: Sheikh Anique Allie - Combined Juma with Mumineen


    [All venues subject to change without notice]

  • 2017


    21: SA National Quran Competition. Eastern Cape Regionals. Darul Uloom Abu Bakr. Register:


    Moulana Ilyaas Desai of Durban:

    25: Maktab Teachers Workshop. 3.30-4.30 pm Madressa Mansoor. Ladies facilities. All teachers welcome

    25: Public Lecture (Meraj). Masjid Mansoor after Esha 7.30 pm. Ladies at the Madressa

    26: NMMU Islam Awareness Week lecture. North Campus Auditorium. 12-1.30 pm



    11: 15th Shabaan. Subject to sighting of moon


    Moulana Bilal Moola of Johannesburg:

    11: 15 Shaban Talk. Masjid Mansoor after Esha. Ladies at Madressa

    12: Juma at Masjid Ibaadur Rahmaan, Uitenhage


    26: Ramadan Starts. First Taraweeh. Subject to sighting of moon



    15: Itikaf Starts. Subject to sighting of moon

    26: Eidul Fitr. Subject to sighting of moon



Door of Death

Baqi Graveyard
Baqi Graveyard
That thing which is inevitable in everyone’s life is death: Every soul will taste death… (Quran 21:35)



The purpose of living this temporary life and then facing death: ‘Glorious is the One in whose hand is the Kingdom (of the whole universe) , and He is powerful over every thing, The One who created death and life, so that He may test you as to which of you is better in his deeds. And He is the All-Mighty, the Most- Forgiving.’ (Quran 67:1-2)


Dealing with Terror

As incidents of terror get increasingly blamed on Muslims and Islam, here are some things we can do in non Muslim majority countries:


Reasons for Tests

Some reasons why we are tested in life:


Paradise. ‘Allah, the Exalted, says: ‘I have no reward except Paradise for a believing slave of Mine who shows patience and anticipates My reward when I take away his favorite one from the inhabitants of the world.’ (Bukhari)


Islamic Focus Ramadan Competition 2013
1.       The Competition will be run in four phases:
1.1   The first phase will consist of five questions on Muslim personalities/history. The first person with the most correct answers will win a R100 from Shafiz Grillers.
1.2   The second phase will be submission of Ramadan photos. The best picture will be chosen. Pictures need to be your original work depicting a personal aspect of Ramadan. No pictures of animate objects. The winning picture will win R200 from Street Fever.
1.3   The third phase will consist of five questions on the Quraan. The first person with the most correct answers will win R300 from Simply Style.
1.4   The final phase will be submission of Islamic inspirational quotes of not more than 140 characters. The winning quote will receive R500 from Al Badr Arabians.
Spiritual Syria

Syria Destruction
Syria Destruction
As the Shia-backed war on Muslims in Syria goes towards its third year, the writing on the wall is clear:



Shias in the form of the Alawi regime in Syria, Shia Hezbollah militants from Lebanon and Shia Iran are increasingly showing their anti-Muslim hand very clearly. The Shia slogan of an Islamic state is hollow: they are backing a secular, brutal regime simply because it is Shia.


Fitra/Fidya Amounts for Ramadaan 2013/1434

Regions in South Africa


• Hanafi: R16*
• Shafi Fitra: R21*

• Hanafi: R17*
• Shafi Fitra: R21*

Western Cape:
• Shafi Fitra: R30¤
• Shafi Fidya: R10¤

Eastern Cape:
• Shafi Fitra: R30»
• Shafi Fidya: R15»
• Hanafi: R16•

Free State:
•Hanafi: R20~

* Jamiatul Ulama SA
¤ Muslim Judicial Council
» Eastern Cape Islamic Congress
• Darul Uloom Abu Bakr
~ Musjidun Noor Welkom

Fitra/Fidya same for Hanafi


Janjira Fort
Janjira Fort
The Siddi are an ethnic group inhabiting India and Pakistan and are descended from Bantu (African) peoples from Southeast Africa brought to the Indian subcontinent as slaves by Portuguese merchants. The Siddi community is currently around 55,000, with Karnataka, Gujarat and Hyderabad in India and Makran and Karachi in Pakistan as the main population centres.



A Gatsby is a South African style of deli sandwich very similar in content and method of preparation as a hoagie in the United States. It is mostly popular in the Western Cape province.


Women of Wonder

Lessons from the two of the greatest women ever. These amazing women are prime examples achieving the balance of serving Allah and doing the daily tasks of this world:


Formula for Success 1

Fort of Salahudeen
Fort of Salahudeen
Part 1 of lessons from the hero of Islam and liberator of Aqsa, Salahudeen Ayyubi rahimahullah:


Ordinary Man: Salahudeen was no great scholar, warrior or nobleman by birth. He grew up in ‘safe zones’. What he achieved was nurtured through hard work, sincerity and piety throughout his life.


Night Prayer

Night Sky
Night Sky

‘Do not ever stop praying the night prayer (Tahajjud). The Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam never ceased praying it. When he was sick or weak, he prayed sitting.’ [Bukhari]


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